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About Sleep Swell Baby



I love sleep!  So much so that it is a joke with friends and family that I could sleep through anything. Fast forward to my pregnancy, I began preparing myself by gathering any and all information related to getting your child to sleep through the night.  However, even with all the books and information I read online, nothing prepared me for the sleep deprivation that accompanied my newborn son.  I was navigating being a first-time mom during a global pandemic while running on just a few hours of sleep.  I began to receive an abundance of unsolicited advice that went against my parental values.  I just accepted that eventually my son would sleep, just not yet, maybe next month, or the month after that.  This is just a phase, right?

By the time I returned to my work from home job after my maternity leave, my son by my side, I found myself in a hopeless situation. Desperate to find a solution, and fueled by a newfound obsession with sleep, I took to message boards and learned that so many were in similar situations with their children.  I started my journey to become a sleep consultant to solve my own child's sleep problems, and begin helping other families as well.

Once the learning process had begun and I felt comfortable applying this information into action with my own son, I was amazed with how quickly I saw positive changes.  Not only did he begin to sleep through the night, but he began taking scheduled, predictable naps.  Once getting the appropriate amount of sleep, my son’s mood and behavior changed, and I felt he made major leaps in development.  Having schedule predictability allowed me to adjust my own work schedule around my son’s nap times so that I could give my full attention during meetings and calls. Since then, I have been helping other families reach their sleep goals for their children by educating them on pediatric sleep, identifying their child’s specific sleep problems, and creating easy to follow, customized sleep plans.

As your sleep consultant, I will be there with you every step of the way.  We start by drawing out root problems impacting your child’s sleep and finding solutions to get you and your child the best sleep possible.  Then, you will receive a detailed sleep plan completely customized for your child that considers your parental values and family dynamic. We go over this plan and move forward with one-on-one support throughout the entire process.  Together we will make the appropriate changes, celebrate the wins, and navigate through any obstacles.  What are you waiting for?  Better sleep is just a click away.

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